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Outdoor Power System Enclosure
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Medium Outdoor Enclosures
  • Related Categories: Alpha Enclosures

Product Highlights

  • 9RU of rack space in the top section provides room for rectifiers, distribution, radio units, surge protection and other 23" rack mountable equipment
  • Dual compartment design provides operational cost savings; a heat exchanger cools equipment in the sealed upper compartment and ambient cooling for batteries occurs in the vented lower compartment
  • Wall mount, pole mount, or pad mount provide options for new site builds in nearly any location
  • Compliant with GR-487, the Te49 enclosure is designed for high reliability and long operating life in extreme environments
  • Room for 2 strings of 24Vdc or 1 string of -48Vdc batteries each rated at 150Ahrs or less
  • Description

    Alpha outdoor enclosures bring versatility and reliability to outdoor power system enclosures. The Te49 Outdoor Power Enclosure is a versatile design providing power to various telecom equipment requests.

    Welded aluminum construction provides structural integrity that will withstand seismic events and harsh weather conditions. The Te49 is designed with the flexibility to house equipment from various vendors and to expand as powering needs change.

    Trust Alpha outdoor enclosures to provide the ultimate protection for network equipment and power systems.