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CMD-N Harmonic
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Status Monitoring
  • Related Categories: CableUPS Power Supplies
CMD-N Harmonic

Cheetah’s embedded transponder for Harmonic nodes continuously monitors and reports out of tolerance conditions via SNMP traps and user definable alarming thresholds.


Product Highlights

  • Ethernet Port
  • Optical Tamper Switch
  • Standard Cable Modem LEDs
  • Web Page Access
  • Description

    Cheetah DOCSIS®-based transponders enable cable operators to proactively monitor and control their Fiber Nodes using existing DOCSIS® infrastructure. The CMD-N embedded transponder for Harmonic nodes utilizes the standards adopted by the SCTE-HMS subcommittee for fiber node monitoring and provides easy access to information and control through standard SNMP mibs.