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CMD-N Arris Opti Max Nodes
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Status Monitoring
  • Related Categories: CableUPS Power Supplies
CMD-N Arris Opti Max Nodes

Product Highlights

  • Ethernet Port
  • Optical Tamper Switch
  • Standard Cable Modem LEDs
  • Web Page Access
  • Description

    Cheetah DOCSIS®-based transponders enable cable operators to proactively monitor and control fiber nodes using existing DOCSIS® infrastructure. The Cheetah CMD-N Arris DOCSIS® transponder will provide the ability to manage the targeted ARRIS products (Arris node models OM2700, OM2741, OM4100 and TM4100) through an existing cable modem infrastructure utilizing the standards developed by the SCTE-HMS subcommittee for fiber node monitoring.