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Battery Charge Management System
  • Part Number: Consult Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Battery Accessories
  • Related Categories: AlphaCell Batteries

Product Highlights

  • Extends battery life
  • Spreads equal charge voltage across all batteries
  • Ensures full battery life potential
  • Allows replacement of individual battery instead of full string replacements
  • Reduces battery preventative maintenance
  • Compensates for battery differences as they age
  • Safe unattended operation designed to CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and UL 1778 standards
  • Optional Potted AlphaGuard™ for underground battery vault applications
  • Description

    Case Study
    846 battery strings totalling 2538 batteries in outside plant installations

    • After two years 928 batteries drift outside acceptable charging tolerance presenting a challenge during preventative maintenance visits.
    • At risk- 345 strings totaling 1035 batteries x $135 = $155,250
    • AlphaGuard™ investment 846 strings x $84 = $71,064
    • AlphaGuard™ reclaims lost potential of life for 928 strings