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Broadband Small Cell Gateway
AlphaGateway BSC

Product Highlights

  • Create new MSO revenues by leveraging the HFC network
  • Power up to four Small Cell devices totaling 300W
  • Internal DOCSIS 3.1 modem provides 1Gbps backhaul
  • Easy installation for rapid and scalable Small Cell deployment
  • Description

    Hardened Modems — Alpha's Legacy

    Deliver uninterruptible power and Ethernet services to Small Cell devices utilizing the high bandwidth networked power grid inherent to the existing HFC infrastructure.

    Developed specifically for Small Cell applications, the AlphaGateway BSC is the perfect solution that meets Small Cell’s high power, high bandwidth requirements. The AlphaGateway BSC receives its power and bandwidth directly from the HFC network, utilizing hardened components to transform and “clean” it into reliable power and data backhaul. When fully installed, the AlphaGateway BSC provides power and backhaul for up to four Small Cell devices.