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Top Terminal Gel Batteries
  • Part Number: 85GXL, 165GXL, 195GXL, 220GXL
  • Product Line: Batteries
  • Related Categories: AlphaCell Batteries
AlphaCell GXL

Product Highlights

  • High-performance Silver Alloy for maximum life expectancy
  • Longer runtime for demanding outdoor environments
  • 100% runtime capacity out-of-box – No cycling required
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Maintenance-free threaded inserts — No periodic retorquing
  • Available with 4 and 5-year full warranties
  • Description

    Alpha’s standby battery offering incorporates gel for thermal dissipation to ensure optimal life performance for your specific broadband, traffic or Wi-fi application. AlphaCell batteries provide the longest runtimes and the best longevity in today’s demanding outdoor applications and are backed by Alpha’s industry leading, non-prorated hassle-free warranties.

    Monitor and protect AlphaCell batteries with AlphaGuard™ Battery Charge Management System.