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AlphaGateway SMG
AlphaGateway SMG

Product Highlights

  • Create new MSO revenues by leveraging the HFC network
  • High bandwidth PoE-powered delivery ideal for security cameras, Wi-Fi, traffic signals, sensors, etc.
  • Connection through power passing taps allows mobility to strategically locate devices within proximity of hardline coax
  • Dual-PoE ports provide cost-effective backhaul for multiple devices
  • Description

    Hardened Modems — Alpha's Legacy

    Deliver uninterruptible power and Ethernet services to outdoor devices utilizing the high bandwidth networked power grid inherent to the existing HFC infrastructure.

    The SMG family of outdoor HFC powered gateways extract power and RF from HFC hard coax and convert through a hardened DOCSIS modem to deliver power and Ethernet backhaul communication for external network devices via a standard IEEE 802.3 at Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections. Rugged outdoor hardiness and flexible mounting options allows power and backhaul to be delivered to virtually any location within the proximity to the HFC hard coax.

    Adding powered network drops throughout the HFC network enables deployment of security surveillance, WiFi, traffic control, digital signage or any other appliance requiring reliable power and high bandwidth backhaul.